Thursday, 17 October 2013

My Whole 30 Experience Plus More

Before I get to my whole 30 experience, I thought maybe I'd let you know how I'm going with losing weight/fat, exercising etc. The numbers always seem to be what everyone wants to know, and I guess it does kinda put things into perspective...but...I'm not too concerned about how much I weigh. My goal that I'm working towards has nothing to do with numbers. Just thought I'd share that. :-)

You might remember last year that I juice fasted for 30 days and lost 12 kilos/26 pounds? (no exercise)
You can read all about that here and here.

I lost another two kilos in the few months after the juicing finished by eating mostly clean...but then old habits started to creep back in. I didn't quite have my head wrapped around it all yet, so gained 4 kilos back.
I was all about the numbers then ;-)
Then I decided enough was enough. Time to get serious about my health. You can re-cap that bit here.

And now I've been eating clean pretty much 99% of the time since mid-June, so about 4 months, (plus the whole 30 in there) as well as running and yoga for that length of time as well.

In these last four months I've lost 11 kilos/24 pounds...but the scales only tell a small part of the story! The first thing you may notice is that I've lost pretty much the same amount of weight over four months as I did juice fasting over one month.
However, there are huge differences - even when you take into consideration that my start weight before juicing was higher than my start weight this time - Namely, I feel fitter, stronger, am not hungry all the time (I really missed chewing food for those 30 days!) and my shape has changed more as well as feeling firmer, thanks to the yoga and the not-so-rapid weight loss!

So how did I find the whole 30? (Don't know what whole 30 is? Check it right here.)

Basically, I loved it!!
The first two weeks were definitely an adjustment - mostly by only eating three meals a day, when I'm used to snacking. Also I had to get used to adding healthy fats to every meal and not ever getting to satisfy my craving for sweets. This was my main reason for doing whole 30...I wanted to rid myself of sugar addiction. Even though I'd made the switch to natural sugar (honey, bananas, maple syrup etc) in baked goods, I still had to have something everyday. It had an emotional hold on me and I wanted to break that habit.
It is definitely better now than it was, but I think it's going to take this sweet tooth a little longer than 30 days to break that habit.;-)

In the last two weeks, it was all so much easier. I just shop for meat and veggies and can make up plenty of different menus out of whatever I'd bought.
I learned how to deglaze a pan to make a sauce to go on meat or stir through mince. I've eaten a lot of coconut milk and avocado's in the last four weeks and I can make a mean (mild) curry!

I don't know how much weight I lost as I hadn't weighed myself for a fair while before I started whole 30, but I did take some pics of myself and I can definitely see a difference and feel a difference in my clothes.
I've just had to donate a whole heap of clothes (some of them favourites!) because they just didn't fit anymore. And whadayaknow...I just may have had to go shopping and re-stock my wardrobe a little! I now have some size 10's and small's in there which I have to say, is extremely exciting!! I'm pretty sure I haven't EVER had anything in a small/10 before! I think that's the part I was looking forward to the most when I started this whole thing - buying new/smaller clothes! And it's even more exciting knowing that this journey is still going!

I'm now tentatively introducing other things back into my diet. I mixed some tomato paste into mince last night and almost immediately felt ill and bloated. It was the second one of a twin pack and the ingredient list must have been on the other one. I'll steer clear of that from now on!

I've also made some of this today...

so I can once again have a milky coffee. I had been using bought almond milk, but found out via It starts with food (the book you must read before embarking on a whole 30), that it has carrageenan in it which is inflammatory and is actually used to create inflammation in lab animals. It can cross even a healthy gut barrier - which I like to think I have. Basically, its bad stuff.

Almond milk is so, so easy to make! Plus you then have almond meal to bake with = win/win ;-)
It obviously doesn't taste anything like cow's milk, but I like it and only have it in coffee. Other than ghee, I am dairy free nowadays.

I'm now sticking to a paleo-ish diet and will definitely do whole 30 again down the track.
I'm also sticking with my exercise routine - I have consistent energy throughout the whole day now and have even recently done some after 9.00pm runs (circumstances ruled that!) which was ok because I was still energised to do it. I also fall asleep quickly and sleep really well all night now which is another bonus!

The above was taken from my running app, and if you follow me on instagram you might have seen this already, along with me being astounded that I could actually ever run this far over four months! Or this many times even!!

I've seen the quote 'food is our medicine' around the interweb a bit and you know what?
I totally agree! I've never felt as good as an adult as I do now, and I know its because of what I put in my mouth.

Thanks for reading this, even though there's not even a hint of furniture in it ;-)

Courts xx


Kylie said...

You are looking sensational Courts, much healthier than last time round. You've got a glow about you - it really shows. I am still drinking my green juice, but as a supplement not as a replacement for proper food. I have been running too for a couple of months and I feel great.
I will definitely look in to the 30 day thing when the time is right (crazy here at the mo). Anyway, well done Courts - you look fab!

Lucas Moore said...

Preparing food your vegetables with drinking water rather than gas is a great way to minimize the level of fat.

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Catherine said...

You look amazing Courts, but you also sound so positive about the whole experience! Congratulations! Amazing way to change you life

Julia @ 551Eastdesign said...

You are beautiful lady! Glowing is a perfect word for you. :)

Clair McDonald said...

AH MAZE ING! How much are you glowing now!!!! You look fabulous my dear!!! Happy happy face! Mwah!

Rachelle Falcon said...

I meant to comment ages ago- congrats! You are looking fabulous and feeling great. That is awesome :)

Christina O said...

Courtney! I haven't been around here for quite some time, sorry. But when I came back tonight, I didn't even recognize you! You look amazing. Congratulations, well done. You are quite an inspiration.

Courtney said...

Thanks for the love everyone!! It's much appreciated :-)
Courts xxx

Rebecca said...

I love it! I've only seen a few photos of you, but you look like a completely different person. I love your approach to clean eating. Stoked for you!

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