Monday, 19 August 2013

Before And After: Coral And Stainless Half Table

Before I show you my latest before and after, I would like to explain it a little. Bear with me, k?

I tend to go through creative phases...does that happen to you too?

First I loved antique furniture and now I'm more into mid century stuff. Once upon a time I would paint GT stripes on everything in sight and now I'm over that. There has been many other phases since then. 

At the moment I am in love with contrast.

What I mean by contrast is two (or more) polar opposites existing on the same piece.

For example: a person dressed in contrast might be wearing black pants and a white top - two contrasting colours. Which, btw, makes me look like a waitress if I were to wear black/white. I am suited to more blended colours but that is a whole other post...or ten ;-)
Another example of contrast is a person with quite dark hair putting a really light (or bright) piece/chunk/foil in for...contrast. :-)
Mixing feminine with masculine is another way to contrast. Or contrasting textures, like high gloss paired with dull texture. 

So in the spirit of my newest love...I give you -

The before -

This one has a couple of contrasts going on.
It's such a curvy, feminine piece so I chose this gorgeous coral colour and then added the stainless steel geometric shape to the top that is quite masculine. 
There is also contrasting textures going on here, with the distressed coral with some white peeping through here and there and then the full, sharp and geometric steel design.

For the stainless steel I used Rust-Oleum Stainless Steel paint -

Which comes in a box and has real stainless steel in it! See those little flecks in the paint above? Love it!! It gives the design so much more depth and interest than just silver paint (which I've used before) and it's also really tough and durable.
I met a Rust-Oleum rep (Hi Scott!) in Mitre 10 and he showed this paint to me - I wouldn't even have noticed it on the shelf, maybe new packaging is needed? - and the creative cogs in my brain started turning for different ways I could use this, other than painting a white fridge which is how this product is predominantly marketed. I do love a creative challenge!
So I made contact with the good people at Rust-Oleum and was given a tin of this to try...yay!!
Rest assured that even though I was given this product for free, I am under no obligation to sing it's praises here on extro. I am because I do truly (so far) love it!
I will always share the good stuff with you guys and if I don't love something...then you won't find me talking about it. :-)
I have one other project underway with this paint and lots of idea's in my head for other projects! It's a perfect way to bring some masculinity to a piece...or contrast if that's what you're going for!
You could also just paint a whole piece in this paint if you so desired :-)

FYI, this one is sealed with ASCP clear wax. I didn't seal the stainless though, I really love the look of it as is and figure it's so tough already that it probably doesn't need extra protection.
I'd happily sit stuff on it without fear of it scratching.

This one is for sale. (my email addy is in the contact tab up the top)

What do you think of this one?

Do you like a little contrast too?!

Have an awesome week, won't you?!

Courts xx


Kylie said...

Gosh I love what you do with a paint brush Courts! The metallic triangle contrasts beautifully against that pretty distressed peach.

p.s. btw our kitchen is coming along very nicely. Cabinetry looks fab - just a bit of jooshing and I'll send you a pic.

Rebecca said...

looks awesome. i also love your new picture on the side bar! looking good! also, can you email me your mailing address for Pay It Forward?

Alison @ Rubylicious Bespoke said...

Looks great, love a good contrast ;) love the shapof the table and live great legs.
i might have to give some of that a try. Wonder how that would go on a wall or ceiling?

Alison @ Rubylicious Bespoke said...

Oh bloody hell, should have done spell check.
Love the shape of the table and love the legs :)

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

absolutely LOVE this!! and love that bit of stainless!

Julia @ 551Eastdesign said...

SO cool!! I've never heard of that kind of paint, but I'm loving it. You are so talented. :)

Rachelle said...

I love the metallic geometric contrast with the girly pink. And there's nothing wrong with changing your taste and style- keeping it fresh and new is exciting!

Jo Coastal Home Love said...

Nice one :) x

Catherine said...

Love the contrast too Courts! My problem at Bunnings is that I'm always there with one or both of the kids, or on my way somewhere else so never get to really look around. Look forward to see what else you do with it :)

CathyMik said...

Do you ever give the paint information: name, brand, colour, type?
I've looked at this great little table with the beautiful coral colour as well as your masculine dresser. From my computer it looks like a dark blue?
Thanks for your help,

Courtney said...

Hi Cathy

I'm happy to share paint colours! This coral table is a Dulux colour called Annular and I'll need you to leave a comment on the masculine dresser you mentioned as I'm not sure which one you mean!


jackbenson03 said...

I love EVERYTHING about this house. Totally my style. Thanks for sharing.

loreun jeny said...

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