Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Sneak Peek: What Doesn't Make It On The Blog Part Two

It's back!!

Another look at what I get up to OTHER than redesigning furniture. 

Oh who am I kidding?!! Over half of these pics are furniture related...I guess its obvious what I'm passionate about! ;-)

Looking back at my posts...most of them are furniture Before and Afters, which is great, but I thought you may like to see what else I get up to (as well as ONE Before and After just for you). :-)

Here we go...

Some finished dining chair backs I've been doing in this gorgeous Warwick fabric. There are 10 chairs!!

At the movies...I had the whole place to myself!! I watched the new Star Trek and it was really good, surprisingly!

I picked up two of these retro stools recently at an op shop, perfect for our kitchen island...and teak!!

A good friend of mine from Adelaide came to stay over my birthday weekend and we took the girls to the nearby zoo for a day. This is her feeding a wallaby, so cute!!

Tone and I pulled off all our weatherboards where the paint had blistered (18 months later!) and it now has new weatherboards put on and is ready for paint. Guess who gets to do that ;-)

A close up of something I've been working on.

An ombre cake I made for our youngest's third birthday. It was a kind of practice run for the one I'll be making for her party this Saturday.

Last but not least...a chair before

and after!

There you have it.

A taste of what else goes on around here...and also why I've been a little slack on the blogging front. :-)

Hope you are having a wonderful week,

Courts xx


bec said...

ooh you busy little beaver...looking for some warwick fabric at mo for some foot stools....
mmmmmmmmm cake!!!!
Bec x

Kylie said...

You're a busy beaver Court's, that's for sure! What colour did you paint that last chair? It's not just a plain old black, or is it?
I am still researching the chalk paint/kitchen cabinet thing. Spent all weekend researching/reading blog posts on it. Not 100% sold from what I've read...I'm wavering...Will keep you posted x

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

ooh that close up with the wood and white... love! :)

Sue SA said...

Beautiful work Courts! Keep buying those teak bargins, cos there is a new retro shop opened near me and the teak furniture is selling for a bomb!

Alison @ Rubylicious Bespoke said...

You have been busy!! Hope you have a great party on Saturday :)

Catherine said...

All looks great - but that close-up is interesting! Look forward to seeing what that is! And will you recover the bar stool or leave as is?

DaiseyJayne.com said...

Busy girl, it all looks great (and mysterious) especially that cake!

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