Friday, 28 September 2012

Re-Designed Dining Table

This was my big project while the girls were away and I completely forgot to take a before pic of this one sorry!! It is an old jacobean extension table that was very dark. The brief from my client was to lighten it up to better suit their home.

I'm so happy with how it turned out!! And so are they!!

There was a lot of sanding involved but it was so worth it - check it out!!

Yep, I sanded and waxed all that top, including an extension leaf!!

The base was painted a neutral shade - my DIY chalk paint of course - then distressed and waxed.

It's a huge change from how it looked before, and now along with these chairs, fits into the room so much better!! 
I've been so fortunate to work with such a wonderful client who completely trusts my judgement and gives me lots of creative licence! I've really enjoyed doing these pieces for her and her family - especially when the furniture has a history and is now looking fresh and new that they can enjoy them for years to come!

Have you got pieces around your home that you've had for so long and maybe don't particularly love that could do with a new look to get you loving it again? Maybe this weekend you could don your old clothes and re-vamp a tired old piece?!
One thing I've noticed since becoming a stay-at-home-mum is that we spend a LOT of time at home (obviously!) so it's been a big priority to be surrounded by things we love. When I was hairdressing, it was important, but with working such long hours it tended to be way down the list of things to do. Looking back now, when I was at home...I hated it. I found it really difficult to be grateful for what I did have, when nothing was as I really wanted it to be. Yet I didn't make it a priority and I'd always find excuses to get out of the house because it wasn't a joy to spend time there.
How do you feel in your home? Is it a happy place to spend time? Are there things you would change and would you make it a priority? Are you willing to change?

I'm just curious. Sometimes I wonder if it's just me who has these thoughts or if it passes through the minds of others!

Courts xx

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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Before And After: Another DIY Chalk Paint Dresser

Hi!! Hope your week is going swimmingly! 
We got our girls back today which is exciting...mind you, we loved every minute of our break! But we were well and truly ready to have them back again, as were they :)

This is one project for a client that I finished while the girls were away:

A beautiful dresser that had been in the family for years. It had once been white but looked like this before I started:

I'd started taking hardware off before I remembered to take a before picture ;)

This was another DIY chalk paint project - I so love this stuff!!
Furniture Feature Fridays
If you missed it, you can read how I make mine plus all about what chalk paint is -right here.

I lightly distressed this one and then waxed to seal and protect.
There was also a beautiful bevelled mirror with this one - that I'd also removed before I took the 'before' shot!

I just love this color - its a dulux color called 'base camp' - and it gives such a nice contrast to the other colors in the room where it now lives without being too 'in your face'!
Such a classic old piece that is now refreshed and ready for another lifetime of use!!

We've got another week and a half of holidays before we get back in the routine of kinder and the like so there may not be much getting done in the way of furniture around here for a bit, but I do have one more project to share in the next couple of days.

Oh and FYI, yesterday (which was our last child free day) I refinished the top of our outdoor table that Tony built in preparation for summer and had almost finished waxing the top when a massive (2cm/almost an inch) splinter went in my nail bed and half way up my finger!!
Long story short, a doctor got it out eventually under local anaesthetic (after about half an hour of trying!) but now I'm thinking I may have to wear gloves a little more often than I do ;)

Courts xx

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

What I did today...

I rearranged some furniture and hung this huge fabric panel to add a little interest ;)

This is an awesomely less permanent way to get the look of wallpaper!!
This is held on by thumb tacks. Yep, for real!

Perfect if you are a renter and don't like the paint color/wall texture in your house. You could even hide an unused door behind it.

I have some more to put up - using a different method which I will share :)

Could you brighten up a wall space at your place with some fabric?
I highly recommend it!! It's inexpensive and hardly takes five minutes, plus it can inject a little of your personality into a space.

Go for it!!

Have an awesome weekend!!

Courts xx

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Re-Finished Chairs

I was recently commissioned to do some custom work for a client who, lo and behold...shops at the same places as I do!! :)

Remember these?

I did four of them - two were painted glossy black and the other two I re-finished.

Well, my client bought two of these and had them re-upholstered but decided the timber was a little dark.
That's where I came in.

After some major sanding, they now look like this...

How awesome is the butterfly fabric she chose?!
There are six dining chairs in total and each one is done in a different fabric, but with a taupe theme. Love it!!

I'm looking forward to getting started on some more projects - starting tomorrow - while the girls are away!
Hopefully I'll have lots to show you next week :)

Courts xx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My Exhibition...

As promised, here's a little look of all my furniture at the Makers' Gallery for those who don't live near here ;)

I apologize for the was difficult to get a good shot in there :)

There are a few things you can see that are not mine - the mannequin/outfit, the pink cushion and the colorful fabric cupcakes. These were all made by some other talented artists - and my apologies again, I do not know who you are! If it is you, please leave a comment and let me know:)

I've had a brief rest from furniture and am now working on some custom pieces for a client, which I'm soooo excited about!! We are about to start school holidays here so the girls will be having some time at my parents soon so I can get lots done!! Is it wrong to say I can't wait?!

What projects have you started/ticked off your list?

Courts xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Juice Update!

Today I thought I'd update you on our juicing experience, as I mentioned back here how Tone and I were doing a 30 day juice fast.

I thought I'd show you a before/during head shot I took - without any make-up on ;)
 I think you can see a little difference.

I've re-discovered my cheekbones:) and I don't even look excited about it!!!
I forgot to smile! It is kinda weird taking photos of yourself isn't it?!

At the end of our 30 days we'd both lost 12kgs(26pounds) and we treated ourselves to a night away as a reward for our hard work - No Girls!! My mum stayed at our house with them so we could have the weekend in Ballarat!
We had a wonderful time - in spite of Ballarats' famous COLD weather - and treated ourselves to Japanese food, a movie and a little shopping. :)

 I bought myself a new outfit - size 14 top and skinny jeans!! I was a little excited because it's been a loooooong time since I've fitted into a 14!! Probably 5 years!

oops...forgot to smile again!!

I'm getting there...slowly!

So the last 3 weeks we've been still juicing but eating as well. 
I've researched a lot of clean eating recipes and our diet has certainly changed since before we began this lifestyle change. And I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything at all.
Doing the juice fast certainly does 'reboot' your system. I don't need to eat as much and my cravings are now usually for vegetables :) We have some tough days as you do when you are breaking habits and transitioning to a new way of doing things, but you pick yourself up and keep going!

We've also both been exercising, which for me is because I feel like it and I'm really enjoying it!!
Tone and I both use the 5k runner app on our phone and go on alternate nights after the girls are in bed.
Its a free app and you can listen to your music whilst walking/running and the guy cuts in and tells you to 'start running' or 'slow down and walk'! I really struggled at the start as it's been (again!) sooooo long since I've ran, so I just repeat the same day until I feel strong in it, then I move onto the next day.
I find it's 30 minutes I get to interruptions, plus I can listen to my music which is kinda nice when your married to a muso who tends to take over when music is being played :)

I always go when its dark and ALWAYS have a hoodie on...I'd wear sunglasses to if I could see where I was going :) Incognito is my mission!

This is what I look like when I head out...

minus the facial hair of course!! Well hopefully;-) 
I was telling my jogging nut girlfriend about my running experiences the other night and told her I look like an ewok when I go out at night for my run...needless to say she cracked up...I got obe wan kenobi and ewoks mixed up, obviously!

Tony's lost more weight over the last 3 weeks and I've stayed the same. Obviously things slow down when you start eating again, although I feel like I'm getting smaller even though the scales haven't changed much.
I perhaps need to stop weighing myself and just go by my clothes!

Anyway, we are feeling great and continuing on with the changes!

What excercise do you do?

Any advice/support would be much appreciated!!

Courts xx

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Before And After: Bed Head


Just a quick one to show you today - a bed head that I had all ready to take to the makers' gallery for my exhibition, but forgot all about!! This one will be at the Makers' Market on December 1st...can't wait for that!! I had such a wonderful time last year and the way the weeks are flying, it'll be here in no time!

Here's the before:

I was given this - as well as the foot, just no side rails - from a friend of the family.
I've only painted the bed head so it can be used with a mattress and base.

I dry brushed some grey paint randomly on first and then after a light sand I did the same with the teal.
I then went over with some beeswax for protection.

Dry brush painting is when after you've dipped the brush into the paint, you wipe as much back off again as you can - either back into the tin as I do or some people wipe it off onto a rag - and then paint in random areas instead of the whole piece. It gives a distressed look without have to actually distress it and you can layer different colors easily as I did with the grey and teal.

I couldn't resist showing you a pic of my littlest helper!
Notice the sanding block in each hand...even I can't do that ;-)

Have a wonderful week!!

Courts xx

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Those Chairs Again!

I just wanted to show you the final four chairs again, well specifically the change I made to one of them! 
I did promise I'd show you!!

It (x 4 of them!) started off like this -

Then this -

and now -

You can see the tags - all ready for the makers gallery :)

So in the end I went for two glossy black frames and two refinished frames. 

Which one is your favourite?
I can't decide between the pink and the stripe ;-)

Thanks for visiting and hope your week is fab!!

Courts xx

Monday, 3 September 2012

DIY Dropcloth Floor Mat...Again!


The exhibition of my furniture is all set up at the makers gallery and I'm happy with how it all looks - a big thank you to Bev and Theresa for their help on Saturday to get it all set up just right!! Also to the Barnes's who without their furniture moving/baby sitting/ ballet watching skills...well all the furniture would be still at our house covered up with nobody to adore it ;-)

Onto my most recent floor mat...

I've shown you a couple of my attempts at DIY floor mats recently, which you can read about here.

This was my first one -

The second one -

Which were both done with paint.

They really soaked up the paint, especially the first one, and dried kinda uneven...which is ok, but just not what I was after. I did water the paint down a little which helped, although probably accounts for the uneven result.

Attempt 3 -

I laid out the drop cloth and taped up some random stripes then painted on...

which I followed the directions to dye some other fabric and while that was doing it's thing, I thought I'd grab a paint brush and paint a dropcloth or two!

This was the result...

Yeah, it bled through a lot...which I guess was to be expected with such a runny medium on a textured surface that tape is really not going to stick to that well!! I do actually like this one though :)

After that I decided I could trust myself to eyeball some stripes, and got this...

Much better!!

BTW, you can check out more of the pink chair here! (That was what was in the bucket dyeing while I created these!!)

I much prefer the dyed dropcloth mats to the painted ones. As long as you follow directions, I think its more cost effective, goes on easier and you use less than you would with paint.

So what do you think?

Hope you're week is an awesome one!!

Courts xx
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