Monday, 18 June 2012

Washi Tape LOVE!!!

If you haven't yet heard of japanese washi tape, I am going to introduce you!!

This is what it looks like...

and it's uses are only limited by your imagination!!

I first became aware of washi tape when I read this post on StyliZimo blog for DIY antlers.

Nina is a super-creative girl and a beautiful stylist/photographer - her blog is definitely worth checking out. (especially if you love nordic style!)

You may have seen washi tape in magazines holding up pictures or the like in funky colors and patterns.

like this -

I looked into buying some tape online, but then didn't want to wait...and then on Friday I found some at a brand new store here locally!! And only $4 each!!

If you're local, the shop is kawaii kids in Roberts Avenue and if you're not local - they have an online store too!

So I thought I'd have a try at my own antlers.

This is how they turned out -

This will just peel off easily - and leave the paint intact - when I'm ready for a change!

Other uses include -:

Decorate gifts/homemade cards
Canvas art
Decorate a vase

Have you played with washi tape yet? What have or would you make with it?

Have a fantastic week!!!

Courts xx


Lisa said...

Washi tape is fun isn't it! I got some from Typo last time I was there. Try wrapping up a present with plain paper using nice washi tape, it looks so sweet!

ZippyZippy said...

Washi Tape addict here, I have toooo many, but don't tend to use it much as it looks so nice all lined up in ZippyZippy HQ. Nice to know I can buy it in town now. Great to see the store now in town, I have bought online from them before - very cute stuff - hope they do well, I expect they will.

Deb Hrabik said...

What a riot. Simply fun.
That made me laugh. I haven't tried the tape yet,
but now it looks like I might have to.

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