Friday, 22 June 2012

Chair LOVE!!

A few weeks ago, I promised to show you some of the awesome finds I've come across lately, and there is a few!! So I'm about to come good on that promise! 

Some of the finds I haven't started re-working yet.

Some are midway through the process.

And some are already perfect just as they are :)

Like this...

 I paid $4 for this!!!

Oh Yeah!!!

I LOVE this chair!! 

It's made from beech and is a Ligna chair, made in Czechoslovakia.

I don't know too much more about it, except that it did once have 6 back support slats, but
I kinda like it with three :)

It's staying as it is and is now as office chair.

Speaking of our office, plans are in the works for a photography day with my good friend Bianca from Ivy loves Jack!! So afterwards, I can show you some photos of our place!! Bianca has been at me (well, only once or twice!) to do a home tour on my blog. I don't need much arm-twisting, just as long as she takes the pics :) She's very handy with a camera, as well as a super-creative girl herself :) If you love all things vintage, you'll LOVE her blog!!

A snippet of her home -


So stay tuned for a house tour!! Give us a little time to get our act together ;-)

Have a wonderful's almost here!!!

Courts x


Bianca (ivylovesjack) said...

Love that chair.
I've definitely been at you more than once and I'd love to get those photos happening! See you soon x

5Bent Needles said...

Wow - what a super find - love that chair
Will await your house tour in anticipation

Sue SA said...

Cute chair, looks nice plus comfy.

Catherine said...

That chair is super cool - I can definately see why you'd leave it as is! And a house tour would be great!

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

I am loving that chair! and $4!!! WoW!

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