Tuesday, 24 April 2012

EASY Project - Inspired By The Fluoro Trend!

I'm loving the fluoro trend that's happening in homewares right now,

and so I thought I'd create something easy so that I could have some fluoro at home :)

Before I start...I have a rule regarding fluoro. It's just my rule, for me! Do you have decorating rules?

I generally don't, as a rule...have rules ;)

Anyway...here it is - A Little Bit Of Fluoro Goes A Long Way.

I did need to remind myself at one point during my project...

which is the grey and fluoro pink linen cushion above.

So easy to make!! I love easy!!

First, I took some grey linen pants I'd wrecked at some point -

Nicely ironed!! And a cushion insert that I've had stashed away.

and then some fluoro paint if you can get your hands on some. I raided Tony's ute and found this

It's line marking spray paint. The spray comes out the top of the lid.

This is where I had to restrain myself and remind myself of my golden (fluoro) rule!

I could have easily kept painting!

Then it got hung out to dry on the line...

Then it was just a matter of inserting the...um...insert. Right sides together.

Pinning around it, removing the insert and sewing three sides.


I left the end with the button open. I was going to velcro it, but didn't have any.

So now we have a little fluoro pink at our place.

And now I want to do something with some fluoro yellow!!

Tony hasn't seen this yet, wonder what he'll think seeing as he loves pink soooo much !!! :)

What are your thoughts on the fluoro trend? Yes or No?

Courts xx

1 comment:

Catherine said...

I love your fluro pink! Matched with the grey it doesn't look so... scary! And what a cool idea using an old pair of pants!

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