Wednesday, 18 January 2012

5 Tips For Less Frizzy Hair

So here's something I prepared earlier!! Yep, I'm still away on holidays!!

Even though the fluffy curl is trying to make a comeback, it'll be a while before it wins us over so I thought I'd give you some ideas for having less frizz. Most of us with natural curl or wave are the masters of our hair, but sometimes a new idea can make a world of difference!
So here we go:

1. When you towell dry your hair, NEVER rub it to get the moisture out. This will create frizz. Squeeze it instead. Just squeezing or very gentle patting won't cause any extra frizz.

2. Comb your conditioner through, then don't comb or brush it again, for less frizzy curls. I think everyone with curls has probably worked this one out already!

3. The type of shampoo and conditioner you use can help. Check out my post on washing your hair here to get the lowdown on choosing the right ones for you. If you don't have any scalp concerns (like oilyness, itchiness, dandruff etc) then you could choose a shampoo and conditioner that addresses frizz. Be guided by your hairdresser, they'll know what's the best.

4. Styling product. This can be a god send if you get it right. Unfortunately it's trial and error for each individual.
This is what I do:
I have one product for when I'm blow drying it straight and one for when I'm wearing it curly. I like to keep it simple.
This is what I use in damp hair before I blowdry and it gets it so smooth with the least amount of effort from me. I've tried a lot of products over the years and this is the best I've come across. There is a whole range that suits all hair types, this is the one that suits mine. You can check them out here then click on salon locator at the top to see where to buy near you.

I got onto this awesome product via a friend of a friend of a friend!! It is so good, I can't compare it to anything else I've used. Plus it's made right here in Australia! I put it in when my hair is damp, then let it dry into it's curls. Absolutely no frizz and the curl kinda clumps together so it looks like I've spent ages doing it! Go here to find out more, I wasn't able to find where to buy, but I'm sure the info is out there in the www!

5. Keep your hair in good condition and you'll have less frizz.
This entails:  Trimming it regularly, even if you're growing it!
Using the right shampoo and conditioner, and using it correctly.
Treatments are a good way to get extra moisture into dry, frizzy hair. In-salon treatments are the best, check with your hairdresser. You can have them done when you have your hair cut or colored and they're heaps more concentrated than the ones you do at home. It is generally an extra cost but if they incorporate it with a beautiful, long scalp massage as well, it's so worth it!
Please use a heat protectant if you are blowdrying or straightening your hair with irons. Heat damage will just make it frizzier when you want to wear it curly...which you will one day, if not at the moment. Trust me.

That's it! And just as a little disclaimer, this is just my own personal opinion, no-one has paid me (darn it) to say anything you've just read.
You can now go forth and conquer, with less frizzy hair!!

'Til next time,

Courts x

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Queen of Chairs said...

I thought about you this morning when I was towel drying my hair, I have to admit I was a rubber until I read your post, now I squeeze.

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