Monday, 30 January 2012

Painting Headaches!!!

Nothing to do with painting furniture...this time!

It's our house.

Talk about blister in the sun!!
Remember that song? By the Violent Femmes?? Oh I used to love that song. I think of it every time I walk past the front of our house and see this...

We've been waiting a while to get it fixed.


Lets just say that 'blister in the sun' is no longer on my playlist, I'm now over it. :)

How many painting headaches have you had? How did you deal with it?

Courts x

Monday, 23 January 2012


I know I've said it before but...I Love Instagram!!

I also love my green jeans and havaianas!!

Here it is now in our 'music corner' with the huge yellow cushion I made after Christmas from my stash of Ikea fabric! Note the big, white bare walls...they're on the list for this year!

It's a good place to chill with the headphones on!
Mind you, when we've just had over a week at the beach...I don't really need to chill, I need to kick it back up a gear.
Well maybe not just yet :)

How about you, are you in fast or slow motion at the end of our first month of 2012?!

Courts x

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

5 Tips For Less Frizzy Hair

So here's something I prepared earlier!! Yep, I'm still away on holidays!!

Even though the fluffy curl is trying to make a comeback, it'll be a while before it wins us over so I thought I'd give you some ideas for having less frizz. Most of us with natural curl or wave are the masters of our hair, but sometimes a new idea can make a world of difference!
So here we go:

1. When you towell dry your hair, NEVER rub it to get the moisture out. This will create frizz. Squeeze it instead. Just squeezing or very gentle patting won't cause any extra frizz.

2. Comb your conditioner through, then don't comb or brush it again, for less frizzy curls. I think everyone with curls has probably worked this one out already!

3. The type of shampoo and conditioner you use can help. Check out my post on washing your hair here to get the lowdown on choosing the right ones for you. If you don't have any scalp concerns (like oilyness, itchiness, dandruff etc) then you could choose a shampoo and conditioner that addresses frizz. Be guided by your hairdresser, they'll know what's the best.

4. Styling product. This can be a god send if you get it right. Unfortunately it's trial and error for each individual.
This is what I do:
I have one product for when I'm blow drying it straight and one for when I'm wearing it curly. I like to keep it simple.
This is what I use in damp hair before I blowdry and it gets it so smooth with the least amount of effort from me. I've tried a lot of products over the years and this is the best I've come across. There is a whole range that suits all hair types, this is the one that suits mine. You can check them out here then click on salon locator at the top to see where to buy near you.

I got onto this awesome product via a friend of a friend of a friend!! It is so good, I can't compare it to anything else I've used. Plus it's made right here in Australia! I put it in when my hair is damp, then let it dry into it's curls. Absolutely no frizz and the curl kinda clumps together so it looks like I've spent ages doing it! Go here to find out more, I wasn't able to find where to buy, but I'm sure the info is out there in the www!

5. Keep your hair in good condition and you'll have less frizz.
This entails:  Trimming it regularly, even if you're growing it!
Using the right shampoo and conditioner, and using it correctly.
Treatments are a good way to get extra moisture into dry, frizzy hair. In-salon treatments are the best, check with your hairdresser. You can have them done when you have your hair cut or colored and they're heaps more concentrated than the ones you do at home. It is generally an extra cost but if they incorporate it with a beautiful, long scalp massage as well, it's so worth it!
Please use a heat protectant if you are blowdrying or straightening your hair with irons. Heat damage will just make it frizzier when you want to wear it curly...which you will one day, if not at the moment. Trust me.

That's it! And just as a little disclaimer, this is just my own personal opinion, no-one has paid me (darn it) to say anything you've just read.
You can now go forth and conquer, with less frizzy hair!!

'Til next time,

Courts x

Friday, 13 January 2012

Our Re-Vamped Dining Table

I've been a little more organized than I thought I'd be before heading off on, I have the pics of our dining table here, ready for you to see!!
Here's the before, in all it's beautiful orange glory!

Perhaps it's not too bad and I know some people like a warm timber, it's just not me. I only really bought the table because it was big enough to fit in the space. Well that and it was only $200!! Not bad for one of this size and I knew I could change its look. So here it is now in it's 'more me' look! (Sorry for bad photo quality, had to use my phone!)

I scratched up the legs with some medium sand paper, then went over them with a sample pot grey paint I had.

I hit the top with the belt sander (borrowed off this crazily talented guy, thanks Karl!) I really like what was underneath all that stain, so I sealed it with a water based poly and finito!!

I will show you my nanna chairs in another post, they're my 'make do chairs'.
So there you have it.
Another one crossed off my list!!

I'll be back soon, all relaxed and raring to go...although, can you really relax on a holiday with two little skadoos?!
Have an awesome week,


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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Outdoor Table Reveal!!

Remember these?

Well they now reside here...

The old fascia boards came up so beautifully, and Tony did a fantastic job building the table from scratch! We love it!
We made it a long, narrow table to fit onto our almost L shaped deck. This will comfortably seat 10 people.

Now all we need is chairs...which is kinda funny considering the amount of chairs I have at home!

The legs are cyprus and had some lovely knots in them so instead of completely covering them in paint, I added some water to the paint to give it a wash look. Then I sealed it with a gloss poly.
Yep those legs are shiny, shiny!!

On the oregon top I used a satin finish so it has a nice amount of sheen!
Hopefully the chairs won't be too far away so we can use the table without dragging the inside chairs out there, and back again!

What do you think?

We're heading off to the beach for a week or so on Friday so I may or may not post during the week. Thats a bit blase (blarz-ay) I know!  I do have lots to show you as you may have read here.
I can't wait to show you the dining table, it looks so different from what it was!

Enjoy your week!

Courts x

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Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year, New Energy!

I don't know about you, but the beginning of a new year gets me excited!

I feel energized, motivated and in blissful wonder of the possibilities that lie ahead!!

How long is this energetic state going to last?
Who knows!
But I'm going to ride this wave for as long as I can!

And the results of this perpetual mood, you might ask?

A finished outdoor table
A made-over dining table
4 new linen napkins that I embroidered (Huh? Yep a first for me!) as per above!
A pillow cover
a half finished day bed for our back deck.

I'm feeling a huge sense of achievement right about now. But don't worry, waves eventually crash right? I'll calm down soon enough.
More pics to come!!

Stay tuned!

Courts x

Friday, 6 January 2012

A Thank You And A Laugh.

I have a huge thank you to make to Amber at Queen of chairs for awarding me a Leibster blog award! Amber and I started blogging about the same time and have chatted a lot - the name of her blog first drew me to her! I consider myself a bit of a chair queen, but I think she just might edge me out on amount of chairs we own - check these out!!

I so want this one! She paid $10 for it!!

 Make sure you stop by her blog and make sure to check out her paintings. She is one talented lady!

Now for a little randomness!
 I heard about this a while ago and it made me really hard!!! So I thought it might do the same for you!

Ok, so go click on      Google maps

then click on         'get directions'

next to A put       Japan

next to B, put         USA  and hit enter

Scroll down through the directions to number 26 ............Ha Ha!!

Did you laugh?

Hope you're having a wonderful day, I'll be back with more furniture projects for you very soon!

Courts x

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Table Before And Afters

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post in 2012!
I've got a couple of before and afters to share that I did last year and haven't posted yet.

Well I did a little round side table in the same white with a little distressing too. It started out like this

Yep, our house was painted in the meantime!! (Still gotta oil the deck though!)

And the after...

This one is sold, as is this next one.
Here's the before...well almost! I had started sanding a little!

And the after...

Sorry for the lack of styling, these were taken just before they were loaded up to be taken to the market, where they found new owners!!
Same white again, just with a little silver cross! And I found a water-based polyurethane that doesn't yellow to seal it with, plus I can use it in my sprayer! Quick and effective!

Oh and I lightly distressed this one too!!

Hopefully I'll be able to post soon about our outdoor table we built, just needs some finishing touches that our hot weather is putting a dampener on!!

Stay cool,

Courts x

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